Kentucky based candy recalled due to fear of hepatitis A

A candy made in Kentucky has been recalled due to fear of hepatitis A


A candy that has been manufactured in Kentucky has been recalled over fears of hepatitis-A. The Food and Drug Administration has said that two varieties of the Bauer’s Candies might pose a risk of hepatitis-A. Bauer’s Chocolate and modjeskas is a marshmallow candy that is dipped in Chocolate or caramel. The candies were purchased after November 14, 2018.

The candies are either sold online and on QVC. The recall is a voluntary move by the company and has added that the candy must be thrown away and not eaten. The FDA while talking about the reason said that a worker at the candy facility had tested positive for hepatitis A. The Food and Drug Administration on its website said, “At this time, the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are not aware of any cases of hepatitis A related to consumption of these candies”.

The condition can have a long incubation period and can have serious health consequences for some people, especially for those who have other health problems. At the same time it is said that the risk of hepatitis A transmission from the candy is low. The FDA has recommended that the consumers who ate candies that were purchased after November 14, 2018 and have not been vaccinated for hepatitis A must consult their healthcare professional to know about any possibilities of the exposure is indicated.

A compulsory check up is recommended for people who have not been vaccinated and have been exposed to hepatitis A virus in the last two weeks. People with evidence of previous hepatitis A vaccination do not require a check-up. It is a contagious liver disease that can result from an infection from HAV. When the symptoms occur, they can range in terms of severity from mild illness that lasts a few weeks to severe illness that can last several months.

Photo Credits: Pixabay