5 easy ways to remain hydrated during winter

Winter is a time when it is important to keep the body well hydrated


Winter is a time when the body becomes vulnerable to many problems with the skin and the health in general. Like any other season, winter is a time when the body needs a special diet and a few lifestyle adjustments. Staying hydrated is equally essential during the winter as our water intake reduces and makes us vulnerable to health issues. Here are a few easy ways to stay hydrated during the cold winter days.

1. Eat fruits and vegetables with high water content – Indulge in a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that have high water content. Fruits like strawberries, lettuce, pineapple, celery, tomatoes, oranges, spinach, cucumber and others are high on water content and helps in keeping the body hydrated.

2. Drink warm water – After a session of exercise, during winter season, one must drink beverages or water that is at room temperature or at least at room temperature. This is because the body absorbs cold water/liquids faster.

3. Limit consumption of alcohol/caffeine – Winter is a season when alcohol or caffeine can be tempting. Hot coffees or alcohol during the winter season are always tempting. But not everyone is aware that both alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate the body so excessive consumption of both is not recommended during the winter season.

4. Eat more soups/broths – Foods like soups and broth are high on salt content and are healthy as it helps the body to retain water. They also have an added advantage of warming you up from the inside.

5. Keep sipping water – Instead of having a large glass of water, you can opt for sipping water every 15 minutes which can help to keep the body hydrated. Water is the best way to hydrate the body. Just make sure that you do not over do it as consuming water more than required can make the body loose come of the essential nutrients.

Photo Credits: Pixabay