How to Get Rid of Warts with Home Remedies


How do you get rid of warts?

Warts aren’t life threatening, but they still are an annoyance. No, they don’t come from kissing frogs, but are benign growths that develop from the HPV of human papillomia virus. While many over-the- counter treatments for warts exist, natural remedies make a better option as they don’t come with the side-effects. Here are some home remedies you can try to get rid of warts.

Duct tape is one such option. However, this may work only if the area isn’t painful. Wash the area, then place a strip of duct tape on the wart. Leave it on overnight. Keep repeating the procedure until the wart falls off. Be warned though, this is just a suggestion.

Onions are another home remedy. Slice a small piece of onion, and soak it in vinegar over night. Place the onion over the wart, and add a piece of duct tape. Leave it on overnight. The idea is to soften the wart. Repeat with a fresh slice of onion and piece of tape until it falls off.


Aloe vera has been used as a remedy for many skin ailments for centuries. The best kind of fresh from a plant, but commercial products work, too. Soak a cotton ball in some aloe vera gel. Leave the cotton ball for one minute, then secure it to the skin with a bandage. Apply more gel every few hours. Change the cotton balls as needed. The wart should soften enough to come off in several days.

Castor oil is an effective way to get rid of warts. Apply some castor oil to the wart, and gently massage it with your fingers. Cover it with duct tape or a bandage. Repeat this step twice daily changing bandages or tape as needed. It may take three weeks to see results.

You don’t have to live with warts. Some home remedies may be the cure you need. If you can’t get rid of them or if the warts are painful, you need to visit your doctor.

Photos: Pixabay