6 Must have items on your office desk

These 6 items on you office desk will make your office work easier than ever

Office Desk

The desk at the work place need not have just your laptop and your mobile phone. While we spend most of the time at the office desk, there are a few essentials that we need during the work tenure. However, if your desk is well equipped with few things, it can be easier for you to conclude your day early and more efficiently. Here are a few things , which are a must have at your desk.

1. A pullover or a jacket – It need not be a fancy one just a simple homely and comfortable pullover can be comfortable. While working we need the most favorable conditions. There are times when the air conditioners at the office run on high speed making it tough to work. Under such circumstances, a pullover can come to your rescue.

2. Some touch up and grooming items – You might suddenly come across an important client or might be called for a meeting. A few grooming items like a lip balm, face mist, wet wipes and a comb can be handy to get a quick make-over and be ready for a professional challenge.

3. Some food to binge – An empty stomach is never good during work. It not just distracts but make you irritable. A few food items like some candies, nuts or a few health bars can be kept at the desk so you can grab a quick bite when you feel hungry during working hours.

4. A dress up item – There can be times you boss wants you to meet an important client and what if you turn up in casuals on that day. On such days a dress up item like a scarf, tie, blazer, some heels can come to your rescue.

5. Some medicines – It is always essential that you have a few basic medicine essentials with you at your work desk. A few things like band-aids, cough drops, an anti-septic cream, and a few medications for acidity or fever are a must have in your personal medicine box.

6. Phone charger – And finally a phone charger is a must have on your desk as it might not always happen that you will get to borrow one from a colleague.

Photo Credits: Pixabay