Baghdad Bomb Blasts Kills Three People, Injures Dozens


In an another incident of terrorism in Iraq, bomb blasts in Baghdad have killed three people and injured dozens around, according to the health and security officials stationed there. It is the one of the deadliest attack seen in days as a vehicle packed with explosives exploded and then another explosion took place on the road side near a bus which killed two people on the spot.

Baghdad bomb explosion

After inspecting their bodies, it was known that exactly 20 people have been injured, which include 10 of the Iraqi Security forces. In addition to this there was another set of explosions that took place on the Al Omar street in Baghdad, when two explosion went of simultaneously on the road side which killed one person.

The situation in Iraq has worsened and the month of August and September has peaked in the terms of unrest in the region. And to make situations more unstable, there has been no proper government in Iraq since the election six months ago and over this, The US has declared that it will be ending the combat situation in Iraq very soon .