Wonder Woman – A great inspiration for women empowerment!

“Band up and get empowered” – Wonder Woman’s inspiring message to women around the world!

Wonder Woman
A still from the official Wonder Woman trailer

Wonder Woman immerses viewers into a young Amazonian woman, Diana’s story. Brought up in a traditional household, Diana always had a conflicting relationship with her mother, Hippolyta, when it came to fulfilling her desire to leave home for the battlefield.

Her aunt, Antiope, was her window of opportunity to escape. She trained her to become a superior warrior who would later rescue an American pilot (Steve Trevor), being pursued by German soldiers. With all her innocence and a burning desire to fight for just courses, Diana naively indulges herself in World War I.

After bravely extracting Steve’s true story from him and learning that the Germans are after him because he’s trying to thwart their plans of using poison gas to kill civilians and enemy soldiers, she decides to sneak out of the island with him to London. She believes that Ares, the god of war, is the cause of World War I and by fighting and defeating him, she will be able to put an end to it all. While at battle, Diana discovers her supernatural powers and has a hard time coping with the modern world and her new found powers and responsibilities.

Wonder Woman Grand Reception

Wonder Woman has managed to exceed the high expectations of both domestic and international markets. By Sunday morning, it was looking at raking in $223 million from 4220 locations worldwide, giving Wonder Woman a right to boast of the biggest Box Office Collection in opening week for a woman centric film!

The super hero film has found good resonance with fans. According to Jeff Goldstein, Warner Bros. distribution chief, Diana has hit the zeitgeist uniquely and perfectly through the story of Wonder Woman. Due to its good reception, there are speculations that Wonder Woman could become the second highest-grossing movie by a woman director.

With Wonder Woman, director Patty Jenkins has modestly given the superhero film audience a break from tradition by presenting a hard hitting solo woman superhero film. In the first weeked, 52% of the audience in theaters comprised of women! This is a significant break from the norm where audiences of superhero films are made up of a male majority.

Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins have brought about a new sense to women empowerment. The daring adventures of Gal Gadot in the superhero film are a big inspiration for female directors, actors and women all around the world!