Pakistan Suicide Attack Death Toll Rises 65


Updated Trends: Pakistan Suicide Attack Death Toll Rises 65

The suicide attack that took place on Friday in Pakistan, has resulted to a horrifying death toll 65. The attack had taken place on a Shiite rally in the South Pakistan city of Quetta. The Friday attack has injured some 150 people in the rally and they are now hospitalized.
quetta suicide attack

This has been the second attack on the Shiites by the Taliban this week, as they have claimed the responsibility of these attacks. A triple bomb attack in Lahore on Wednesday also killed some 35 people. The Taliban spokes person said that they have particularly aimed the American and Pakistani forces, but the Shiites too are considered as enemies.

The Shiite Muslims who make 20% of the ethnic population of Pakistan, have stated that the Pakistani government has not done much to protect them, and that they have declared a general strike in the Quetta city.

Source: Press Association