Vaccine Deaths Of Children In India Big Reason Of Concern


Updated Trends: Vaccine Deaths Of Children In India Big Reason Of Concern

There has been strong concerns over the ongoing Swine Flu this season in India, as it caused the deaths of 89 people already. But something more worrying than the Swine flu is the Vaccine. Yes there has been vaccine deaths reported in India recently,as four children have died due to be injected for measles.

There could be strong reasons that even the swine flu vaccine could go wrong in a way. If there are reported deaths of children being injected for measles then the Swine flu vaccine has just come into the medical market, couldn’t there be a credibility there too?

People have started to worry as parents are scared to inject their children for measles or even swine flu. Swine Flu has made a strong death toll in India, and it should not turn out that the solution to the disease starts taking lives of innocent people. Till now the deaths have been limited to young and small children only, but then even older people are in need of Swine Flu shots, there is concern here now.

Source: Infocuts