Rare Fire Tornado Caught On Film In Brazil


Updated Trends: Rare Fire Tornado Caught On Film In Brazil

It is a rare natural phenomenon, when a fire tornado appears, and it is even rarer to find it on video. A fire tornado that formed in Brazil was caught on film has been making good news over the internet. The Fire Tornado was created because of a massive bush fire in Brazil.

fire tornado

Fire Tornadoes are also called Fire Whirls, and they are more deadly that the normal tornadoes. It is a column of a fire vortex that has the ability to devour anything on its path. The rare phenomenon which took place in Aracatuba, Brazil, was in a field that had caught a huge bush fire, and the fiery vortex had halted the traffic of a nearby highway.

Fire Whirls are rare natural phenomenons and basically need the right conditions to form. Fire tornadoes are formed when there is a huge fire and there is a low pressure or spinning coloumn of air above the flames. The low pressure picks up the flames and starts to whirl it in the same was as a tornado. The video link to watch the brazillian fire tornado is in the source below.

Source: HuffingtonPost.com