Stay Football Ready with these 3 Powerful Drills

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Many of the moves practiced by football players require strength and explosive energy. It’s extremely important that drills and exercises help maintain and improve these abilities and become a consistent part of the workout routine. Plyometric exercises provide that special link to keep an athlete’s energy and strength at top performance. Incorporating a few powerful moves into your gym routine will keep you quick, sharp, and strong for football and other sports that require a large amount of powerful energy.

Box Jumps

Box jumps build strength and agility while limiting impact stress on the body. Building core strength in your hips and pairing that strength with instant power helps an athlete create strong purposeful force. Select a box that will have limited force against the ground when you land on it: not too tall, not too short. Stand 12-18 inches away, jump onto the box as quickly as possible and then jump off. Repeat this exercise several times. Box jumps teach the management of controlled explosive strength and speed.

Medicine Ball Chest Pass

In football, a mere fraction of a second can make a huge difference in outcomes. It’s important to have a quick and agile response time. The medicine ball chest pass helps build that first step quickness by using one’s core strength to transfer force up the body, thus increasing speed. Take a medicine ball and stand with one foot at a 45-degree angle, in front of the other. Ground yourself as you push your front foot into the ground and forcefully push the ball out towards the wall. Repeat this exercise, rotating legs so that speed and strength are built equally.

Hurdle Hops with Long Jumps

Clearly, a football player must be able to navigate his body adeptly to get where he is going and to avoid being tackled. Hurdle hops with long jumps simulate the playing field in many ways, making it an excellent exercise, combining the need for speed, agility, and explosive strength. Begin by using hurdles short enough to keep you off the ground. When you fall get back up right away, and end with your knees slightly bent after you complete the long jump. Repeat this exercise. It increases purposeful speed and agility, allowing the athlete to cover as much space as possible while spending minimal time on the ground.

Speed, explosive energy, and strength are necessary components for the game of football. Practicing drills and exercises that easily transfer to the field ensures that the athlete is consistently ready to play at the top of his abilities.