Updated Trends: Queensland, Australia has been hit with one of the worst floods of the decade, because of which thousands of people are asked to evacuate the region. Theodore, a small town in the Queensland was completely evacuated because of the flooding. Along with Theodore, two more towns were evacuated and have been declared as flood affected zones.

australia floods

According to the weather department, they state the flooding in the region has not yet peaked, which means the situation will tend to get worse. The total damage that has occurred in the region is estimated to be around AU$ 1 Billion, which includes the massive crop plantation of sunflower.

Army helicopters have evacuated as many as 300 residents from Theodore. The police have said that the water is still rising in the region, and the residents have been taken to a safer place. Residents were quite panicked and expect the whole town to be empty by sundown. All residents residing nearby have been asked to leave their homes as the water in region can unexpectedly rise.

Source: BBC