4 Factors that increase risk of heart diseases in women

risk of heart diseases in women

The risk of heart diseases in women can be dealt with by exercising caution.

Women tend to be at less risk for heart problems than men, but they too can be easily prone to heart diseases. It is essential to recognize the risks and be aware of the risk aversions you can practice. Here are a few factors which can increase the risk of heart diseases in women.

1. Depression and stress – Depression is a problem which affects women the most. This condition also makes it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Beware of the symptoms of this sneaky condition as it can lead to heart issues later.

2. Less physical activity – Having a job which needs you to sit at one place for long can pose a risk to the cardiac health in women. The key here is to be as physically active as possible to keep the blood circulating.

3. Low levels of estrogen – Women need to maintain a good level of estrogen in their blood, as it also maintains heart health. Estrogen levels can drop after menopause and can lead to manifestation of heart diseases in smaller blood vessels.

4. Complications in pregnancy – Some complications during pregnancy, including high blood pressure and diabetes, can affect the mother’s heart, as well as the developing heart of the fetus.

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