Top 5 signs of depression


Do not ignore melancholy, identify these signs of depression.

Depression is an undesirable but inevitable state of mind. Every human being goes through this phase once in a while; however, many a times the signs and symptoms of depression are dormant and can seem innocuous. 

signs of depression

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Here are the top 5 signs of depression that can occur at any point of time in a person’s life. 

1. Erratic sleep patterns – Lack of sleep (insomnia) or excessive sleep (hypersomnia) are both the most common signs of depression. Even disturbance or broken sleep are serious signs that something is not quite right. Short bouts of insomnia or sleep problems are common due to stress, however, prolonged sleeping issues are a warning bell. 

2. Weight gain or loss – Once again, loss of appetite or overeating are all a part and parcel of the daily grind, however, if these are prolonged and coupled with feelings like sadness, then it is time to take notice of the situation. Studies have suggested that any sudden or major weight gain within a short period of time if most definitely a sign of depression. 

3. Increase in alcohol intake – If your daily tipple has increased in number or volume, then it is time you take notice of the looming melancholy in your life. Increase in alcohol intake is the No.1 symptom of depression. For a lot of people, alcohol is a way to numb any kind of emotion and just ride through each day without feeling anything. However, this can lead to serious damage for the body and mind.

4. Over socializing – “No man can live as an island” – this famous quote holds true for most of humanity. However, no excesses are healthy. Socializing is important for a healthy state of mind; having an overflowing social calendar might be fine every once in a while, but not all the time. It is in fact an indicator that you are trying to ward off any sort of feelings that might crop up. 

5. Under socializing – On the other hand, locking yourself up in a room and cutting off from the rest of the world is as harmful as over socializing. Withdrawing from social engagements and other such interaction is a sign of extreme melancholy and a depressed state of mind.