5 Great benefits of green tea


UpdatedTrends.com: Green tea is – without a doubt – one of the superfoods we should include in our diet. It contains plant nutrient epigallocatechin gallate, which is also known as EGCG. The importance of this great beverage is increasing on a daily basis and more people are adopting green tea in order to boost their health. Here are 5 benefits of green tea.

Black iron asian teapot with sprigs of mint for tea

1. Slows breast cancer growth: A research showed that the EGCG has cancer-fighting powers and slows down the growth of the dangerous breast cancer tumour.

2. Prevents cholesterol build-up: Green tea can be beneficial in preventing the build-up of cholesterol in arteries and also helps in preventing heart problems. Research also showed that the EGCG has helped in preventing fat build-up in arteries.

3. Protects skin: Skin damage caused by the harmful UV rays has become one of the biggest health issues these days and green tea helps against the UV damage.

4. Balances blood sugar levels: The ECGC in green tea helps in improving the usage of insulin in the body to prevent blood sugar levels increasing or decreasing, which can result in fatigue and cravings.

5. Anti-oxidant: Green tea is known for containing anti-oxidants, which help in eliminating free radicals. Free radicals can be related to some serious illnesses like diabetes, cancer and arthritis.

Photo Credits: Lerablog