5 Health benefits of chamomile tea


UpdatedTrends.com: For many years, chamomile tea has been known for its numerous health benefits and besides being good for your health, it also tastes good. Here are 5 health benefits of chamomile tea.


1. Treatment for insomnia: Chamomile helps in fighting insomnia, as it has natural sedative agents with calming effects. With this in mind, a warm cup of chamomile tea can be taken during bed time, as it helps to relax and helps to sleep better.

2. Painful periods: Chamomile tea can do wonders during the painful period days. It helps in relaxing muscles of the uterus and prevents cramps. The tea has the ability to release glycine, which in turn eases the muscle spasms.

3. Helps in treating diabetes: Research has shown that regular consumption of chamomile tea helps in preventing diabetes complications. It also helps to control blood sugar levels.

4. Dark circles under the eyes: This is a problem which is faced by many people, especially women, who often suffer from lack of sleep or tiredness. Place used and cooled down tea bags of chamomile over the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Cold and flu: Chamomile can also be used to deal with cold and flu, as it helps to improve the immune system of the body.

Photo Credits: New Health Guide