4 Ways to exercise during winter


UpdatedTrends.com: Even though it is much easier – and warmer – to spend cold and gloomy days at home, that does not mean you should give up on your exercise regime altogether during winter. Here are 4 simple – and fun – ways to work on your winter fitness and look and feel great!

Two women run down Mountain Avenue in a snowstorm.

1. Walk – All you need is a great pair of boots or shoes and you are good to go. Bundle up and not just because it is cold, but because the extra weight will improve your workout. Take your dog with you or invite a friend to keep you company and just pay attention to icy patches on the ground.

2. Run – Go for a run if you prefer it to walking and make sure not to dress too warmly, as your body will generate more heat while running. In addition to staying in shape, vigorous workout can also help in warding off disease.

3. Shovel – Winter forces you to exercise just to be able to leave your house. Shoveling snow is also one form of fitness, but make sure not to twist your body incorrectly while doing so.

4. Snow angels – You do not have to be a kid in order to make snow angels. Embrace snow and enjoy it in a way that suits you best, as it is definitely better than staying indoors the entire day.

Photo Credits: GlassPhotography