7 Ways to get rid of sunstroke


Summer is the perfect time for many outdoor activities, however, high temperatures that come with it should be taken into consideration. Sunstroke is a very serious condition and should be approached seriously. In order to prevent sunstroke from happening, or be able to help yourself or someone else suffering from it, here are first-aid directions you should follow.

Ways to get rid of sunstroke

1. Move to a shady and cool area (preferably the one with air conditioning).

2. Call emergency service – even if you feel a bit better, there is still a possibility of going into shock, which will make you unable to call for help when you truly need it. Keep in mind it is always better to be safe than sorry, as prolonged heat stroke can cause serious damage to the brain, kidneys, heart and muscles.

3. Remove any clothing you do not need (shoes, socks, hat) in order to help in the cooling process.

4. Get in a cold shower, bath or pond, if possible – if for some reason this is not possible, put a wet and cool rag or towel on the back of your neck, in your armpits or on your groins.

5. Lie down and elevate your feet by about 30 cm in order to avoid potential shock.

6. Replenish your fluids – sip Gatorade slowly, as drinking it too quickly could induce shock. If you do not have Gatorade, sip plain water, also slowly.

7. Calm yourself – breathe deeply and focus your thoughts on something else in order to minimize your agitation.

Photo Credits: Pathway Software