10 Easy ways to cut out calories


If you are planning to lose one pound a week, keep in mind that you need to cut out or burn 3,500 calories. This seems like a lot, so we have 10 easy ways that will help you to cut out a few calories here and there, without feeling deprived of anything. These are simple ways to reduce your calorie intake and start losing weight right away.

10 Easy ways to cut out calories

1. Yogurt – it should be a staple in your diet, so opt for vanilla yogurt (120) instead of a fruit-flavored one (140). Calories saved: 20.

2. Pancakes – you can still eat them, but choose maple yogurt topping (38) instead of maple syrup (104). Calories saved: 66.

3. Orange – munch on an orange (62) instead of drinking a glass of orange juice (112). Calories saved: 50.

4. Sandwich ingredients – use healthy hummus (23) on your sandwich as opposed to fatty mayo (90). Calories saved: 67.

5. Sandwich bread – opt for whole-wheat pita (170), instead of 2 slices of whole bread (220). Calories saved: 50.

6. Drinks – choose a glass (or eight) of water with a slice of lemon (0), instead of a can of Coke (143). Calories saved: 143.

7. Say no to bread – when dining out, skip the bread basket with a dinner roll (76) and butter (36). Calories saved: 112.

8. Soup – go for a bowl of minestrone soup (110), instead of broccoli cheddar (370). Calories saved: 260.

9. Alcohol – choose red wine (120) over vodka tonic (175). Calories saved: 55.

10. Chocolate – treat yourself with 2 squares of dark chocolate (88) instead of a chocolate brownie (224). Calories saved: 133.