5 Reasons you are not losing weight


You are on a mission to lose a few pounds and doing everything right: working out on a regular basis, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and the scale is still not showing any signs of progress. Do not stress out about it too soon, as there are some reasons why this might be the case.

5 Reasons you are not losing weight

1. Exercise makes you hungry – working out burns calories, but if you take in more calories than you use up, it is inevitably going to result in weight gain. Even though you need to refuel before or after an intensive workout, make sure to choose healthy and low-calorie snacks, like a protein bar, Greek yogurt or banana.

2. You are overeating healthy food – bowl of granola is healthier than a bowl of chips, but that does not mean it is calorie-free. It might be useful to measure out your food at first in order to be certain that you are eating the right amount of calories per day.

3. You are doing the wrong kind of exercise – even though Pilates and yoga are great forms of exercise, they are not significant calorie burners. If your primary goal is to lose weight, you need to incorporate higher impact cardio workouts such as swimming, running or hiking into your routine, at least 3 times a week.

4. You are gaining muscle – if you are increasing your cardio workout, you are most likely gaining muscle and decreasing your body fat. Regardless of the fact the number on the scale is rising, you will feel and see the difference in your overall appearance and how your clothes fit.

5. You are hydrating with high-calorie drinks – staying hydrated is the key to being healthy and losing weight, but keep in mind that there are plenty of calories in various beverages. Make sure to read labels before drinking or simply stick to water, as you cannot go wrong with it.