5 Easy ways for a longer and happier life


Living a long and happy life is what all of us strive for. Even though most people think achieving this is difficult, with many obstacles along the way, it is actually easier than we think. Here are five easy ways for a longer and happier life.

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1. Eat healthy – what you eat can greatly affect your life’s longevity and quality. Include plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, water, seeds, nuts, fish and white lean meats. Sugar, caffeine and fast food are not completely forbidden, but make sure you include them in your menu rarely. When it comes to portion sizes, remember that smaller is better!

2. Be active – this does not necessarily mean slaving away in the gym for hours, but include walking, light running or exercising, dancing and garden work in your daily routine. Go for whichever activity makes you happy or feel good, but make sure to be consistent and the results will show!

3. Manage stress – stress is the silent killer and even though it cannot be completely avoided, there are ways to fight it. Proven and very popular stress busters are yoga, meditation, writing and drawing. However, one of the best ways to beat stress is having a pet. If you do not have one, adopt. Pet’s companionship is one of the greatest things to have in life!

4. Stay social – staying in touch and spending time with family and friends helps us live a happier and longer life. Even if you have a busy social life, you can always reach out and meet new people, whether it be through a hobby or by joining a community. You will get to participate in activities that interest you, plus meet someone outside of your familiar circle.

5. Sleep enough – even if you are always on the go, rushing from one task to the next, remember it is extremely important not to sacrifice your sleep. Getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night will help you be more focused and prepared for whatever awaits you the next day.