Early symptoms of memory loss


Some might find it tricky, but it is actually possible to identify the early signs of memory loss. Usually memory loss is associated with ageing. As age increases memory loss also increases; however this does not mean that the affected person cannot live a normal life. Here are a few early signs of memory loss.

1. Short and long term memory loss – Short term memory loss is when a person is not able to remember things in the recent past such as what he/she had eaten for breakfast that morning, while long term memory loss is when a person forgets the details of the information from his/her long term memory. This might include forgetting a relative’s name and other such things.

2. Being depressed – In the early stages of memory loss, the individual can suffer from depression and might even become irritable. Sometimes the person might even ignore personal hygiene. Research has mentioned that such signs are the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease which normally occurs in old age.

3. Being confused – Confusion is an early sign of memory loss. Confusion could be a result of memory loss that is preventing a person from completing a simple task. For instance a person might leave home and forget the reasons for leaving in the first place.

These things, among others could be early warning signs of memory loss, and it would be a good idea to consult a health care professional at the earliest.