Pets to have at home with allergic kids

2929 Children love to have pets at home as they get company – in case they do not have siblings. Pets do bring joy, but they also bring lots of responsibility in terms of cleanliness and hygiene. Unfortunately, some children are allergy prone and cannot have the pleasure of adopting a pets. But no need to fear, there are a few pets that allergy prone children can have at home.

1. Reptiles – Bring home a turtle, snake, frog or a lizard if your children do not dislike them. These animals do not have hair and can be handled by children with any type of allergies.

2. Fishes – An underwater fish pond can be a good idea. In case of extreme allergies then you can bring in a fish aquarium or just a single fish in a small pot. Something like betta fish can be brought which can live in a small bowl.

3. Short-haired-pets – If children have just some minor allergies then you can afford to bring in a dog or a cat with short hair. They shed less hair and cause less dander and allergens to be in the air.

4. Dogs and cats with no hair – There are also a few cats and dogs who do not have hair at all. Some of the hairless dogs include, American hairless terrier, Hairless khala and cats include, Donskoy and Bramble.