Children who sleep with parents are at reduced risk of obesity

3099 A study has mentioned that parents who let their young children sleep along with them on their bed in the night time are at decreased risk of obesity. Researchers from Denmark observed that children who never climbed into their parents’ bed were three times more likely to be overweight compared to children who slept along with their parents every night.

According to the study, obesity is actually associated with poor sleep quality. Researchers said that kids who climb in to their parent’s bed are clearly waking up during the night.

Parents who allow their children to enter their beds may be giving their children a greater sense of emotional support. This protects against obesity and on the other hand, children who do not enter their parent’s bed at night feel rejected and such negative feelings increase the risk of obesity.

Dr. Nanna Olsen, of the institute of Preventive Medicine at the Copenhagen University Hospitals and colleagues analyzed information from about 645 children between the age 2 to 6, who were predisposed to obesity as they had a high birth weight. The mothers of such children were overweight before pregnancy or their families had a low income.