Aspirin cuts risk of dying from cancer?

2185 A new study  has shown that Aspirin can help in reducing the chances of dying from bowel cancer by almost a third. It was found that patients who took a daily dose of the painkiller for at least nine months after being diagnosed, were 30 percent less likely to die of the disease.

In fact, research shows that taking the drug for any length of time after diagnosis reduces the chances of dying from cancer by at least 23 %, compared to those who do not take the drug at all. The study had observed 4,500 bowel cancer patients diagnosed between 1998 and 2007.

Quarter of the patients were not aspirin users while another quarter of them used it only after diagnosis and the other remaining group took it both before and after developing cancer. Dr. Gerrit Jan Liefers, the lead of the researcher said , “Our findings could have profound clinical implications. In this study, we showed the therapeutic effect of a widely available, familiar drug that costs mere pennies per day.”

The team is now planning to target the group above the age of 70. They will be trying a randomised controlled trial which is due to start later this year.