Less sleep can be harmful in the long run?


Updated Trends: Sleep is one of the very important factors for maintaining good health. There is evidence that people who do not have enough sleep can suffercertain long lasting consequences.

Studies state that lack of sleep can also result in diabetes and even heart diseases. Research has also shown that people who have sleep less than five hours in the night are more likely to develop type two diabetes.

This type of diabetes tends to develop later in life. Even increased work stress which involves rotating shift work, like three or more night shifts a month can also increase the risk.

The results were found by researchers who had analyzed years of medical records from the huge Nurses’ Health Study. In a recent study it was found that sleep can play a more complex roles. Due to the lack of sleep the natural biological rhythms are disturbed and the physical state of the body changes in the way that can lead to type two diabetes. Lack of sleep can also lead to mental problems and it is hazardous especially for those who suffer from stress problems. Another study mentioned that up to 70 million Americans are likely to suffer from chronic problems with sleep, from insomnia to sleep apnea.