Contraceptive pills increase risk of prostate cancer?


Updated Trends: A new study has shown that women who use contraceptive pills might be indirectly responsible for the global increase in prostate cancer. It was found that the regions where the use of contraceptive pills was higher, there were higher incidents of this type of cancer.


Scientists argue that they still cannot be sure about what causes the link. At the same time, the scientists also say that the male exposure to oestrogen could increase the risk.

It is already known that excess amounts of oestrogen exposure leads to cancer and that widespread use of these pills can lead to more oestrogen. This cannot be broken down easily and can enter the water and food chain.

In order to reach to the conclusion, researchers used the findings of the International Agency of Research on Cancer and also the United Nations World Contraceptive Use reports that pointed out the rates of prostate cancer and the associated deaths. This data was compared with the women who used contraceptive pills. The researchers found that the use of condoms, coil and other barrier devices were not associated to the risk of prostate cancer. But it was observed that the use of pills had significant link with the deaths from prostate cancer.