Can pomegranates help to slow down the ageing process?


Updated Trends: If you thought that pomegranates were just for people on a diet, think again! A recent study has found that pomegranates help in preventing heart diseases, stress and also helps in maintaining a person’s sex life. Moreover, it was also found that the fruit helps in slowing down the ageing process and has been hailed as an elixir.


Pomegranates help in slowing the ageing process of the DNA and helps people feel younger. The researchers at the ProbelteBio Laboratory in Murcia in Spain have found that the fruit helps in decreasing cell damage, which impairs the muscle, brain, kidney and liver functions.

Changes were observed in participants who were given pomegranate capsules everyday for a month. Dr. Sergio Streitenberger said that they are too excited about the findings of the study which demonstrated that regular consumption of the pomegranate extract can slow down the process of the DNA oxidation.

Sergio added that one has to look at the ageing process as it is rusting or oxidizing which is a damaging process. The research leader added that being able to guard the process would be a significant breakthrough. In an earlier study at the Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, it was found that the juice of pomegranate helped in reducing the stress.