Father’s depression can affect children’s mental health?


Updated Trends: For many years, doctors and the researchers have found that children are more likely to develop mental health problems if their mothers suffer from depression. But a new study has found that if the father’s face some depression problems, then their children are 70% more likely to show emotional and behavioral problems.


The risk associated with the fathers in definitely less than that of the mothers, but researchers have said that it is still a cause of concern. Michael Weitzman, the lead author of the study, said that for a year they have been studying maternal depression and the way it affects their children, but it was not fair to ignore the fathers contribution in the study.

Moreover, the situation can become worse if both parents are depressed. It was found that just 6 % of the children with mentally healthy parents have serious emotional and behavioral problems like clashing with family or peers, sadness or nervousness.

However, the study has not proved that the mental health of the parents affects the children directly. It has also been said that the parents have an influence on the mental health of their children has no relevance. But at the same time, it has also been found that genes do play an important role in passing on the depression to their off springs.

Critics argue that this topic could be another nature vs. nurture debate and that upbringing cannot be ignored when genes are being considered.