Cow’s milk too salty for babies?


Updated Trends: New research has stated that that babies should not be given cows milk. A new study claims that the cow’s milk is too salty to be consumed by the babies. Researchers from the Bristol University have said that more than two thirds of the babies that drank cow’s milk had consumed too much of salt.


The study had found that cow’s milk had four times more salt compared to breast milk. Apart from milk, the researchers also blamed bread, processed food, baked beans and tinned spaghetti.

The nutritionists had found that the babies who had consumed cow’s milk had consumed salt which is much higher than the recommended level. Many of the babies were given cow’s milk despite the fact that they should not be given cow’s milk unless they are at least a year old.

High levels of salt can lead to the damage of the kidneys. Giving the children the taste of salty food and continuing it till adulthood could lead to other health problems later in life. The findings of the research were based on the 1,200 participants who were children of the 90s. The study was published by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.