What is flavoured water and how is it beneficial for the health

Flavoured water has a number of health benefits as long as it is made with natural ingredients

flavoured water

Keeping yourself hydrated and consuming water on an everyday basis is important for maintaining proper health of the body. The Importance of being healthy has increased in recent times, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. The most recent trend is to consume flavoured water. While plain water could be boring, flavoured water encourages people to remain hydrated and also satisfy their taste palates.

What is flavoured water?

Flavoured water is nothing but adding some natural flavor to it, to make it taste good. You can add oranges, cucumber, mint, cherries and certain herbs to make all-natural flavoured water. It would totally depend on the ingredients that you add to the water and the benefits would vary. If you add sugar and artificial sweeteners to the water, then that would provide no health benefits to the body but added calories. This means that all natural ingredients would be a better choice to have flavoured water.

How to make flavoured water?

Flavoured water can be made as per your choice. You could make it in a glass or in a bottle. It would be wise to make it in a bottle so you do not have to take efforts with every glass of water that you consume. For instance, you can add some cucumber and mint leaves in a litre of water to make water with a flavour.

How is it beneficial?

It helps to hydrate your body. During the summer season, the body tends to easily get dehydrated and some water  with flavour can make a good substitute for sugary drinks, that satisfy your thirst, but add to the calories. Make sure that you make the right flavor as per your taste and preferences. The ingredients should be natural , preferably containing vitamin C like lemon and oranges. You could use a clear water bottle so you can see and visualize what you are consuming. It will also give you a sense of satisfaction that you are consuming something that is healthy.

Photo Credits: Pixabay