Reasons why a COVID-19 recovered patient should replace their toothbrush

COVID-19 recovered patients should replace their toothbrush to protect themselves from reinfection


The world is currently dealing with the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. While the vaccination drives are going on in full swing in a number of nations, the journey to remain safe continues. People still need to take precautions and step out only when it is essential. Dentists have recommended that people who have already recovered from COVID-19 should discard their old toothbrush and get a new one. The experts opine that this will save the person to get re-infected.

Talking about the vaccines, experts have said that they cannot provide 100 percent protection from the virus, but are capable of reducing the severity of the virus. Under such circumstances, where anything can go wrong, it is very important to take ample precautions. Apart from sanitizing the room and all the belongings, it is important that the person also changes their toothbrush after they recover. This will not just save them from getting re-infected, but will also save the other person who is using the same washroom.

Apart from the toothbrush, it is recommended to change the tongue cleaner and other things related to mouth hygiene. People who have a poor immune system need to be extra careful after recovering from COVID-19. So if the person has been infected with the virus then they will have to change their toothbrush after 20 days of getting the first symptoms. The toothbrush becomes a breeding place for bacteria and virus with time and can lead to upper respiratory tract infections. The doctors even prescribe the usage of mouthwash and betadine gargle that helps to reduce the accumulation of virus and bacteria in the mouth.

If a person in the house has recovered from COVID-19 then it is advised to discard all their toiletry items including used soaps. This will not just protect the just recovered person, but will also protect other people at home.

Photo Credits: Pixabay