4 Easy ways to get rid of tired eyes

Tired eyes can keep you from remaining focused at work but a few easy remedies could help

tired eyes

A number of people often experience tiredness in the eyes and this could include heaviness or unable to remain focused in work. It is the feeling of heaviness that is felt in the eyes and often happens due to prolonged use of a laptop, computer or a smartphone. It could also happen due to lack of sleep or it could also be due to some allergies. There are a number of times when people cannot afford to take a break from the work that they have been assigned with and under such circumstances, here are a few things that you could do to treat your tired eyes.

1. Take a break from screens – Exposure to the screen is often unavoidable especially for people who have a 9 to 5 desk job. This could take a toll on the eyes and put a strain on them. If you cannot take a long break, you could take a short break from the screens by just turning off the screen and keeping your eyes closed for some time.

2. Avoid allergy triggers – people often know about their allergy triggers and this could also be one of the major reasons to make your eyes swollen, itchy or red. If it is the allergies that are bothering you, then you could take some over-the-counter anti-allergans.

3. Keep eyes hydrated – Many times dryness in the eyes could also lead to tired or irritable eyes. This could be due to a number of other factors including some medications, age, too much of screen time or other factors. The best way to keep your eyes hydrated is by drinking plenty of water.

4. Apply warm and cool compressions –Tired eyes can also be easily relieved with the help of warm and cool compresses that could be kept on the eyes. It makes the eyes feel great and also makes the person feel great. You need to first keep a warm compress over the eyes and then place cool compress to increase the blood flow.

Photo Credits: Pixabay