4 Challenges Of Bringing up Twins


Aren’t twins considered to be twice the blessing, twice the joy?

Bringing up twins is quite an exciting, yet challenging task. Many a times you hear people say how bringing up twins is fun but tiresome and could be frustrating if one is not strong. Well, this parenting responsibility is not for the faint-hearted. Below is a list that examines the challenges of bringing up twins and how to tackle it wisely:

1. Lack Of Sleep
Not being able to sleep when you have a newborn is real, how about twins? Balancing the demands of twins is hard and hence makes the scarcity of sleep unbearable. However, one can hire a nanny (if you can afford it) or get help from family and friends. Take advantage of that and get some rest, otherwise, you might be the one all cranky and crying.

2. Quarreling
People say that twins are the best of friends. We tend to think of twins as a single person with the same likes and dislikes. Well, that is not the case. Twins differ just like everybody else. In the Bible, we had Esau and Jacob and they had different personalities. They will fight and disagree on almost everything, nevertheless, fights can be stopped by not taking one side. Always endorse good behavior and make them understand that fighting is not good at all. Diffuse fights, don’t instigate it. The sooner it’s done, the faster things get calmer.

3. Expense
The cost of raising twins would be higher than raising one child. Raising twins include buying things in double – diapers, clothes (since they always have to match), toys and almost everything else. The good thing is, parents of twins and triplets tend to learn to always be prepared budget-wise. Keep an eye out for great wholesale deals that will save trips to the market and money at the same time.

4. Schedule
Put the twins on a routine from day one. Let them learn the habit of eating and sleeping at the same time, otherwise you might have to stay up twenty four hours a day! Do some training if you have to. When one wakes up to nurse, wake up the other one. Create a routine for the children that way, you will get some time to rest and do some other things for yourself and the home.

Photo Credits: Unsplash