Loneliness can actually be good for health


Loneliness in recent times has been tagged as an epidemic of the modern era and the social isolation has been linked to many health problems including stroke, heart diseases and premature death. However there is also a difference between being socially isolated and enjoying your own company. But has anyone though, why the best ideas come when you spend time in the bathroom or while on a walk alone? This is where creativity is linked to being more reclusive and spending time by yourself can be actually relaxing. Here are a few benefits of being lonely:

1. Improves creative space – One of the main benefits of staying lonely is that it helps in improving creativity. There are people who like to spend time alone as it helps working on their craft. Moreover solitude allows for the reflection and observation that is necessary for that creative process.

2. Helps in inward focus – It is a common belief that leaders have to be social but this depends on other things and on the personalities of their employees. A study in 2011 had showed that in branches of a pizza chain where the employees were more passive while the extroverted bosses were associated with higher profits. But in the branches where the employees were proactive, introverted leaders were more effective. One of the reason was that introverted people are less likely to feel threatened by strong personalities and suggestions.

3. Hermit health – There is a very small line between a healthy solitude and dangerous isolation. If a person cuts all contacts with everyone and stops caring about people then this could be a point to a pathological neglect of social relations. But still there is a real danger with people who are never alone. It becomes tough to be self-aware, introspective and fully relaxed unless you have an occasional solitude which is loneliness. Introverts have a few but strong relationships which can be linked to greater happiness.

Photo Credits: Pixabay