New study says Vitamin supplements do not do any good for heart health

Vitamin supplements might not be providing ample protection for the consumers from heart attack

Vitamin supplements

Vitamin supplements have become popular among millions of people who are convinced that a few supplements a day can help them to stay away from many life-threatening health issues. However, several studies in recent times have claimed that such promises might not be fully reliable. A new study has stated that it is a myth that multivitamins helps to prevent heart attacks, strokes and other diseases related to cardiovascular health.

The research was conducted by the people at the university of Alabama at Birmingham and studied a data on 2,000 people over 12 years and found the supplements which did not have any impact at all on the heart health. People who took health supplements seemed to feel that they were doing something good to improve their health but continued to smoke and ate junk food. The lead author of the study Joonseok Kim said, “It is immensely difficult to convince the public that multivitamin and mineral supplements don’t prevent cardiovascular diseases – especially when there is a strong preconception and commercial profits at stake”.

It was also observed that people preferred to go the easy way to take a pill instead of going the effortful method to prevent cardiovascular diseases. The recent study is based on 18 published studies which have been published by the American Heart Association journal circulation. Te studies had different approaches with some looked at the impact of vitamins on a section of people while others were random and controlled trials.

It was found that there was absolutely no benefit of taking vitamins. Kim added that they found no clinical benefit of Vitamin supplements and mineral use to prevent heart attacks, strokes or cardiovascular death. The story has added that instead of taking vitamins for a healthy lifestyle, people can rely on a healthy diet, controlling blood pressure, exercise, controlling unhealthy cholesterol levels and tobacco cessation instead.

Photo Credits: Pixabay