6 Ways to take control of your relationship

There are always ways to save a drowning relationship and a few tips can make it even better than before


Relationships can sometimes be tough to handle, when expectations become demands. You might not even realize that your partner is under constant pressure of keeping you in the best space but fails due to a lack of reaction. Here are a few ways you can have a good control of your relationship and make it even better than before.

1. Stop the expectation game – Expectations are like termites in a relationship. If a partner can understand and its good but if there is a lack of understanding, then it is better not to expect. If expectations are not fulfilled they hurt, but when you do not have any expectations at all then life becomes easier and simplified as well.

2. Stop blaming – No one is a perfect person in the world and it is essential to accept your partner or who he/she is. Do not keep blaming for petty things, there might be many things that we do that annoys the other person but goes unnoticed. Blaming also brings down the morale of your partner, who will at a point stop communicating of blaming continues.

3. Appreciate even the smallest things – Do not leave any opportunity to appreciate your partner. It always feels good to be appreciated and when it comes from your partner it becomes even more special.

4. Cuddle once in a while – During a busy schedule, couples often forget that they will feel good with a good cuddling session. Remember to cuddle your partner at least once in a while. Cuddling gives a good feeling and also spices up the relationship.

5. Dress up – While wear a dull dress on a regular day? Make everyday special, by dressing up and bring a starry smile on your partner’s face. Dress up like you are going to see your worst enemy and you will win the relationship game.

Photo Credits: Pixabay