Hacks To (Finally) Begin Your Workout Resolution For 2017

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Three months well into the new year, and how many of us can honestly say we have stuck to our resolution? Sure, you’ve still found yourself puffing on a couple of cigarettes, or still writing that book, or worse, still eating carbs like it’s Christmas Eve. One of the toughest things to accomplish is your personal health resolve.

First off, there is so much tasty food all around. Blame it primarily on those sinful recipe videos popping up all over social media. Then you have fast food restaurants around every corner you turn. Not to mention alcohol-deserving weekends for encouraging you to make it to the coming week. We have excuses, and let’s be real, some of them are even genuine. But, if you really want to kick in to overdrive by summer and gain that ideal “bikini bod”, then you have to get serious.

Here are some easy, doable hacks to actually take up that workout resolution you’ve been dodging for so long –

Find out what’s good about you

A lot of people focus on the problem areas on their bodies. Even if you’re a supermodel (which you’re probably not), you’re bound to have some flaw or the other. The trick is to turn your attention to the good parts about you. Maybe you have long legs, or you have a slim waist or you have a shapely behind. Now, focus on improving those strengths as part of your workout resolution, and the rest of your body will follow suit.

It’s selfie time!

Which woman doesn’t love to ogle her own body once in a while? There’s a reason why places like Instagram are so popular. Everyone loves a selfie. Take a few shots of you in good angles, and put that as your home-screen photograph or tape it near your mirror. By looking at yourself in positive light, you will find that you want to do good things now to this bangin’ body, and get to working out!

Slow and steady

Those free workout videos are deceiving. First of all, they’re being done by professionals who’s livelihood depends on the number of crunches they can pull off. The same doesn’t have to hold true for you. Start, little by little, and keep up with your workout resolution as you get used to the grind. If you find yourself falling back, which is pretty human, you can always begin again.

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Small steps, big changes

There are some people who just can’t lay off the pasta. Or the brownie. Or the chewy, gooey cookie. If you quit cold turkey and give up the goodness, you will find yourself craving it even more. The trick is to cut down, but not to zero. Instead of two cookies at a time, try one. You don’t want to punish yourself for wanting to make positive changes in your life with your workout resolution, and you shouldn’t.

Make working out a part of your day

It always serves you better if you plan your day ahead. The ideal time is waking up a few minutes before you usually do, and scheduling your day. Within that schedule, fitness should be worked in. Don’t make it an option – you wouldn’t ever think of optioning out your favorite TV show, so why something that is even more important?

Don’t only think about losing weight

Fitness doesn’t only have to do with losing the inches. It’s about being able to climb a set of stairs without going out of breath or bending backwards (literally), without feeling like you’ve broken your back. These days, a number of fitness solutions, like yoga, combine physical wellbeing with mindfulness. Choose the best option that makes you want to workout every day, and then make it your best friend.

Do it for you

There are so many people who want to lose weight because of their significant other, or because they don’t want to face the embarrassment of having to purchase two flight tickets to fit their ample rump. Before longing gazing at an airbrushed model in a magazine or comparing yourself to that hot employee, think about why you are doing this. And don’t stop thinking until you come to the conclusion that the only person you’re willing to make a positive change for, is yourself.