Is Your Perfume Poisoning You And Making You Sick?

Perfume Fragrance

Millennials are up in arms about using unnatural chemicals and pesticides for food. GMO and Non-GMO have become a part of health vocabulary, because no one wants to consume harmful substances. But that’s about food. What about the chemicals that you are putting¬†on¬†your body, or sniffing through the air? If you’re looking to keep your body chemical-free overall, why are you skipping the ingredients that you still use on a regular basis?

We’re talking about your perfume, air-fresheners and scented assortments.

In a book written by Australian author Kate Greenville called¬†The Case Against Fragrance, she talks about the harmful chemicals that are hidden in good smelling products. Some of us enjoy going into a store that sells items with tantalizing perfume, while some are repulsed by it. Nonetheless, everyone wants to smell and feel refreshed, and resort to buying various items that appear to give you the results. But what you don’t realize is, they’re slowly disturbing your health.

Natural Perfume Fragrance
It’s best to go for perfume that contains natural fragrance /

For centuries, people have been using perfume to enhance how they and their environment smells. Ancient civilizations used to take the goodness of nature and apply it to their body in the form of oils, and use flowers and such for their rooms. Today, for products to be sold en masse, artificial scents are added to products like perfume, roll ons, air fresheners, candles and other household products.

However, a connection has been found with these products and illnesses, including nausea, headaches, rashes and in some cases, even cancer. Ingredients added to perfumes and other aromatics include carcinogens and hormone disrupters. Research has found out that women who use perfumes or even fragrance candles, have these chemicals in their breast milk! What is worse, toiletries end up getting flushed into the ocean and other water bodies, causing marine life to be harmed. Continuous and regular use of these fragrances can cause serious health issues over a period of time.

If you want to smell good, use natural products that are abundant in nature, and make sure that the company selling the product is using good quality, natural ingredients. You may have to pay a little more, but it is worth it, especially when it comes to your health.