8 Healthy Celebrity Diets

Beyonce's 22 day vegan Diet

It is necessary to follow , something that is recommended by every medical doctor and fitness guru. And celebrities seem to be taking in this advice pretty well.

Here is a list of celebrity diets which you may want to have a look at:

1.The Fresh Diet: This is a home delivery meal plan of chef, Le Cordon and provides a list of menus with meals including mango stuffed pork loin, multi grain strawberry pancakes and lime cheesecake. The plan can be followed twice a week. Singer Christina Aguilera has noticeably slimmed down by following this routine and looks fabulous.

fresh and healthy diet plan

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2.Tracy Anderson’s Food Program: A nationwide food delivery program launched by Tracy, this program is for enthusiasts like Gwyneth Paltrow who are looking for a way out to lose weight. It features menu options including coconut flan with mango passion fruit sauce and Provencal eggs with eggplant zucchini. There is also a separate program for vegetarians.

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3.22 Days: Ravishing singer Beyonce was recently covered by the media for going vegan for 22 days. She was following the fitness plan of her personal instructor Marco Borges and went meat-free for full twenty two days eating plant-based diet instead. The result is reflected in her glowing skin. Plants work wonders for your body.

beyonces healthy 22 day diet plan

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4.The Ancient Grains Diet: This diet is successfully making Angelina Jolie stay fit and yummy. She follows the Ancient grains diet that is a combination of seeds, grains, and nuts that includes millet, quinoa, chia seeds, buckwheat and spelt. Angie adds them to her snacks and meals. This healthy food habit keeps your skin glowing and your hair healthy.

healthy ancient grain diet

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5.The Alkaline Diet: Loved and followed by Posh, this diet routine is rich in vegetables and fruits and prevents you from consuming food that forms acids including pasta, diary, meat and fish. It is worth undertaking this diet routine as it maintains balance of your body’s pH level between 7.35 and 7.45.

healthy alkaline diet plan

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6.The M-Plan Diet: You may be just a step away from getting Katy Perry’s gorgeous body if you start the M-plan diet routine. This healthy routine lets you eat mushroom loaded lunch and dinner for straight fourteen days. As a result, the unwanted fats from your thighs and stomach areas are removed leaving the bust unaffected for a good reason.

M plan 14 day mushroom diet

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7.The Beauty Detox Solution: If you are looking for a diet routine to shed off your baby weight in a healthy manner, this will be your solution. Drew Barrymore has used Kimberly Snyder’s solution and successfully lost her baby weight. During the course she consumed a strict plant-based diet and drank lots of juice.

Beauty detox diet solution

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8. Sakara: The Sakara diet plan is organic, gluten-free and vegetarian. It offers a one day and a twenty day plan or even a three month subscription and delivers the meals to your home or work place. Sakara plan is the joint venture of Danielle and Whitney. They say, following this diet routine will make women to feel good in their bodies.

Sakara gluten free diet plan

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