5 Super Foods That Help Boost Your Immunity

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The idea and thought of boosting one’s immunity is very enticing, but the ability to fulfill may turn out to be elusive due to some reasons. The immune system is not a single entity rather it is a system which requires balance and harmony to function optimally. Lifestyle and food bear a great impact on the immune systems as it needs proper and regular nourishment for efficient functioning. Several foods have been found to improve on one’s immune system based on the nutrient value and minerals they contain.

1. Nuts


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Nuts contain high levels of vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant thereby helping the body fight infections. Increased daily intake of vitamin E equally increases antibody responses to hepatitis B and tetanus after vaccination. The vitamin can be found in peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts as well as sunflower seeds. Increased intake raises the levels of the vitamin thus yogurt immunity.

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