Practices That Make You More Productive


Modern life is full of distractions and interruptions. You are always fighting to make to get more productivity out of your day, but it’s not always easy. As a result, you will end up straining to achieve objectives of the day so as to maximize your productivity in the long run. You might end up struggling much harder than you may need in a bid to stay productive. To maximize your productivity, you will need to work with your body clock, know your natural peaks and troughs of energy. The following practices will help you stay energetic and productive throughout the day.

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Start Your Day with Tasks That Are Much Easier To Finish

When you start and not finish an objective, your conscious mind will always nag you. Psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik developed a theory that explains humans logical drive to finish what they had started.This is because of the dissonance feeling of the tasks begun and not finished.

The theory is proved correct by a pair of psychologists in 1992 on an interruption task study. You feel unease when you have not completed a task, and this can impact on other tasks of the day. To ensure productivity, you ought to start with tasks that are easy to complete.

Sleep Well

A good sleep will help you recharge in readiness for the day’s tasks. Sleep helps improve your memory and your performance at work. Ideas materialize naturally in your head after a good sleep helping you make the right decisions at work and effectively implement them.

Set a Day’s Goals and Deadlines

Setting goals for the day helps you stay focused and committed to your work. You should, however, set realistic and achievable goals so that you are motivated to pursue them. Unachieved targets will be a setback and a hindrance to other set objectives. Trust me, you do not need this when a day has just begun. Start with small manageable tasks and move on to bigger and hard tasks.

Stop Multitasking

Carrying out more than one task simultaneously will get you working towards a different goal or objective. Some people may think they are so good at multitasking and enjoy it a lot, but that means that one of the tasks is not correctly done hence end up hurting the course of the work.try to stick to one job if you want it done quickly and perfectly. Your brain always focuses towards the most important of the tasks.

Avoid Small mindless Side Tasks

Side jobs while performing the primary task may hurt your performance. These little tasks may include checking your Twitter or Facebook notifications. These tasks trick you into thinking that you have accomplished something while you’ve not. Performing and accomplishing these side tasks will give you the same brain boost as completing the primary task. You should avoid them and remain focused to the most important tasks at hand.

Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration will make you lose concentration. Drinking a lot of water ensures your body is rejuvenated and ready to perform the tasks at hand. Taking care of the body is essential to getting the best out of it and ensures increased productivity.

Exercise Sufficiently

Exercise helps keep your body fit and increases energy productivity levels. You should do regular exercises to keep fit and healthy as these impacts directly on your productivity at work. Exercise performs the magic that gives you the ability to innovate and improve. The time you invest in exercising pays off through high productivity at work.

These simple practices will help you increase productivity and stay active at work. You should always stay focused and committed to your work if you want to see improvements in the productivity levels. Carry out these tasks daily and always maintain discipline at work I am sure you will notice a significant improvement at your productivity levels.

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