Game of Thrones’ actor Sophia Turner confirmed engagement with Singer Joe Jonas on social media

After the recent engagement announcement of Game of Thrones’ (a fantasy drama television series) actors, Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, now Sophie Turner (who plays Sansa Stark) from the series has announced her engagement with US singer and her boyfriend for some time now, Joe Jonas.

Harrington and Leslie had announced the news of their engagement through a report in The Times, London. On the other hand, Sophie and Joe chose the trendier path of social media which would connect with the millennial and their fans better.

The couple Joe and Sophie revealed their engagement on their Instagram posts:

Further, Joe’s another ex and famous pop star, Selena Gomez too extended her best wishes for the couple:


Priyanka Chopra, Lilly Collins, Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Sarah Hyland and Maisie Williams were some others to congratulate the couple.

Photo Credits:

Sucharita Sen

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