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Layoff anxiety

Ways to deal with layoff anxiety

Companies across the globe are on a lay off spree with the fear of recession constantly looming around. While a number of companies have already laid off thousands of employees, a number...

FDA recommends single shot COVID-19 vaccines for future

COVID-19 continues to spread under a number of variants, health experts continue to search for the best vaccine approach for the general population. To discuss more about the future prospects, the key...

FDA to push annual COVID-19 vaccines similar to flu vaccines

A number of pharmaceutical brands across the globe launched their respective COVID-19 vaccines which have been administered by governments and private facilities to the general population. However, soon it was noticed that...

Foods that can shorten your lifespan

A healthy lifestyle is directly linked to having a longer and disease free life. There are a number of foods that you might not realize but are detrimental for health.  A few...

Beijing officials to distribute Pfizer anti-viral drug amidst COVID strain

Beijing is facing a tough time while dealing with the COVID-19 surge which has overwhelmed the healthcare system. In order to manage the current situation, the officials have decided to distribute the...

Health officials urge to wear masks indoors as respiratory illnesses surge

The United States is facing a surge in some of the viral respiratory diseases including the flu, RSV and COVID-19. Health Officials from the Western Washington have recommended that people should wear...

COVID-19 Omicron vaccine approved for children as young as 6 months old

COVID-19 continues to spread havoc across the globe. While some countries have managed to keep the infections under control, some of them are not able to have a hold on it. Under...

People with severe COVID-19 could face faster brain ageing – Study

The COVID-19 was declared as a pandemic by the World health Organization in 2020 and since then it has been nearly three years. Ever since then, people across the globe have been...

6 Habits of people secretly suffering from depression

People suffering from depression do not often express or show it off. Many of them suffer silently without the world knowing what they are going through. That could be because they would...

Experts warn about Ingredients not to add to your smoothies

Majority of the young and middle-aged population are now conscious about their health and indulge in fancy diets and fasting regimes that help them to maintain a healthy weight. One of the...

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