Seven Herbal Products That You Should Use As Cosmetics


In today’s world, herbal products are being used as both skincare products and ingredients of manufacturing cosmetics products. Herbal products have become an alternative to avoiding effects that come as a result of using some cosmetics. Herbal Products help preserve the skin beauty and the hair in the long run. The real aspect of using herbal products is that they are natural and free of any chemicals.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is one of the well-known moisturizer and softeners. The method of applying the plants product onto your skin is also simple.

Find a healthy and fresh stem of aloe vera and make a cut. Just collect the gel that comes out from the plants cut and directly apply to your skin.

Use of fruits to rejuvenate your skin

Papaya face pack

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Did you know that you can utilize in time management and improve on your skin by working it out at home? Giving your skin a soft glow without necessarily using cosmetics have become an easy task.

Just use the product of smashed papaya fruit to eliminate black spots on your face. Fruits act as an alternative form of cosmetics.

Garlic clove as a herbal cosmetic product

Garlic cloves

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Garlic has been used for years to eliminate pimples on faces. Another advantage of using garlic is that it helps in blood purification.

Application of ground cloves on skin also helps in reducing acne effects.

Use of soap nuts as an alternative of commercial shampoo

Soap nuts

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Commercial shampoos are made of sodium sulfate chemicals. Shampoos play a major role in nourishing the hair and removal of oil from the hair.

A mixture of shikakai products and soap nuts also acts to clean the hair. This combination does not have side effects as compared to commercial ones.

Using coconut oil

Coconut Hair oil

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Coconut oil has been utilized for the past years as an alternative form of commercial body lotion. Coconut oil plays a significant role in protecting hair from being affected by dandruff.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that help in protecting hair against wrinkles and dryness. Another significance of using coconut oil is the evidenced moisturizing and conditioning effects.

Sandalwood as an anti-acne cream


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Sandalwood oil works the same way as commercial anti-acne creams. This herbal product also serves as a moisturizer.

To apply sandalwood on your skin, make a mixture of almond oil with sandalwood oil. Another method of using the oil is mixing it with boiled water and inhaling the steam that comes out from the combination.

Use pomegranate seeds as a form of lipstick

Pomegranat as a lipstick

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Getting back to the natural methods is something many people find difficult. Use of commercial lipsticks poses a significant danger to your lips due to chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Pomegranate seeds are mixed with milk cream to make a natural lipstick.

Herbal products are the best alternative to using instead of commercial by-products. For a healthy and a long run, try the natural products.