5 popular Psychology ‘Facts’ which are actually myths

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There are some “old wives” myths out there that are regarded as scientific principles. However, most of this tales and myths were refuted years ago, but they won’t just go away. Here are the top 5 psychology ‘Facts’ you believe which are actually myths.

5. Depression Is Just A Brain Way of Convincing You to Hate Your Normal Life


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Sometimes back, the society treated depression with pieces of advice ranging from; “lighten up your life” to “have a bottle of beer to suspend thoughts.” However, in the recent years after understanding the brain chemicals, everyone treats depression as an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. So they just recommend that you see your doctor for pills. Medical treatment cannot alleviate depression; you need to solve your problems.

4. The Rorschach Test Is A Scientific Diagnosis Tool


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Most movies and TV series feature this test to demonstrate how crazy the character is. Normally, healthy people will only see a butterfly, but the character sees crucified puppies. Most people think that if a person sees otherwise, then they are crazy.

3. Hypnotism Is Just a Ridiculous Stage Trick


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Hypnotism is just a stage trick that is claimed to change perception. Some hypnotized volunteers were told to concentrate on a white and black grid and were told that the grid had many colors hidden in it. When examining the grid, scientists noted that blood flow in the part of the brain that recognizes color and the changes in the brain were identical to those that occur when a person is observing real colors. They concluded that believing is seeing. But the reality is that the grid had only black and white colors.

2. Birth order determines intelligence and personality traits

Birth order

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Personality traits and intelligence dictated by the birth order is a crazy stereotype. Just because a kid is the eldest in the family doesn’t mean that they’ll be industrious and little bossy and likewise just because the kid is in middle order doesn’t mean that they are peace-making. The youngest, as well, is not always the spoilt rebel who is quite opposite from the rest. This is just a stereotype and a myth that a lot of people have subscribed to. Personal traits and intelligence have nothing to do with birth order.

1. Mental Disorders Are Brain-Born; Nobody Can Give You One

Mental Disorders

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This is a truth that has been proved wrong and nullified. Scientists have associated the recent increase in depression cases to urbanization. Urbanization has created isolation, loneliness, and noise making relaxation hard. Isolation makes people think deep, and this leads to depression. Therefore to say that depression cannot be caused by external factors is a myth.