Beginners Guide To Growing And Styling a Beard


For the past few years maintaining a clean shave was the trend and fashion but now keeping beard is the latest trend. Like suspenders and pants, keeping beard is not seasonal fashion; it is a cycle that lasts for centuries. Many historians are usually identified by their style of beard. The old fashions are surprisingly becoming new again. This beginner guide to growing and styling a beard will give you tips for growth, grooming and proper maintenance of beard.

Tip 1: Consistent Care

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You have to take good and regular care of your beard on a daily basis as they determine the look of your face. Lack of proper care for your beard will make you look like a nomad in an Amazon wild. If you have to grow beard, wait for a few weeks or months before styling them. Don’t shape or trim them when they are in the middle process. This is one of the most common mistakes made by many men. When they reach an inch length, you can start shaping it.

Tip 2: Keep Them Clean


Regularly wash your beard just like your hair. Use a mild shampoo over hard shampoos and after shampooing, apply conditioners to get them soft. Afterwards, wash it thoroughly to prevent it from flaking. Use a cotton towel every time you rinse them to remove the wetness. Avoid the use of blowers as heat may have adverse effect on your face skin. Remove the tangles using a wide toothed comb. You can brush your beard optionally to have a fine touch.



You can either do the grooming on your own or seek professional grooming services. When you decide to trim them by yourself, use the right tools; barber scissors or rechargeable cordless models. You’ll also need a wide-toothed comb for your beard as well as a short toothed comb for your mustache. However, you should never trim your beard when they are wet because you might not be able to achieve an even shape.

If you want to color your beard, choose a color that compliments your face, and choose the branded products. Some coloring may cause some itching. Read the coloring instruction before applying the coloring on your beard.

Always use the recommended procedures to comb and trim your beard.