7 Key Traits Exhibited by Millenials

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The millenials, also known by a variety of names like the boomerang generation, Generation Y, Peter Pan generation or Generation WE; is a generation born between the 90s up to the year 2000. Through observation and research it’s been clear that this generation potray a set of unique traits that make them somehow special. The milenial generation is quite special and needs more than just understanding to keep up with, below are 7 traits exhibited by millenials.

1. Can easily Multitask

A trait most common to people in this generation. You will always find them participating in more than one activity at a time. Their daily routine is combined with texting and chating with several friends and acquintances.

2. Socially connected

Apparently all the social media hype gained popularity through their life period and that is why they are so active and farmiliar about social conectivity.

3. They love technology

Millenials appreciate the availability of technology in the present time as it makes life may more easier. Why strain when you have technology to assist? Even better, you’ll expect more technological advancements when talking about millenials; they like it easier and more sophiticated.

4. They care much about their recognition

The millenials have been brought up to always get a part on their back when they do recomendable stuff. After all, if they think their hardwork and dedication won’t get any attention thenthey won’t put much dedication to it.

5. They prefer flexibilty rather than a predifined order of things

Most often you will find that individuals in Generation Y are not that dedicated to pursue their careers at the expence of thier personal lives.

6. Millenials respond better in a transparent environment

If you surely want to creat a strong and lasting bond with the generation in discussion you have to ensure that he or she can trust you. Being transparent makes them open up easily and you will love the bond you will eventually create.

7. Great team-players

Being a social generation compared to the previous one, you will notice that they love working as a group. They strongly believe that unity achieves more than individual mile-stones.

As business presentation and market keeps changing, it is highly important to understand your market better and their is no smarter way than to learn their traits and engage them profoundly.


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