Understanding The Dangers Of Glamorizing Drug Use


Very disturbing statistics show that drug abuse amongst the young adults and teens is on the rise. This unfortunate fact is mostly contributed with drug use glamorization. You will notice that most videos released for the public to watch, in one way or the other, associate drug use with fun moments. Teens and young adults have been brought up in a world where the media is the main source of information and entertainment, so they easily manifest the ideas they see. In order to tackle this drug abuse problem head-on, we need to look at the root cause and how it can be handled.

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Promotes drug abuse among the addicts

One major problem with addicts is that even if they are willing to stop their addiction, they keep reverting back when they see it glamorized. The media should understand the effect of glamorizing drug abuse and take responsibility.

Promotes drug abuse to non-addicts

Non-addicts will easily try out these drugs as they see it being associated with the ecstasy feeling in fun moments and this is the way we keep building on the increased numbers engaging in drug abuse. The moment a person is willing to try out a drug for the first time is actually the start of their addiction as they start craving for that particular ecstasy feeling.

Drug abusing has and is still causing all sorts of problems to the society of this generation. There have been several celebrity deaths that are drugs related and it is high time that we learn from their mistakes. Unfortunately, Whitney Houston’s death was drug related and shortly after her daughter died only just in her teenage.

As we all understand that information is power, the media needs to focus more on sharing the right information to avoid such problems. Drug abuse is an illness that needs to be addressed by every responsible member of the society; instead of glamorizing it, we should teach others on the dangers to help them make informed decisions. Take note of the dangers of glamorizing drug use.