Top 5 Gadgets That Pass Off As Fashion Accessories


We are in the tech age. You may be one of all of us, who still don’t get what “the cloud” is. However, you definitely need to keep up with the never-ending official emails, social media posts, trending topics and everything in between. You might not be like Rihanna who wore $9k Dolce and Gabbana headphones, but rest assured you can afford, and carry of with style, these Top 5 Gadgets That Pass Off As Fashion Accessories…

Bellabeat Leaf

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This pendant looks like a leaf that dropped from an elvish fairytale tree. But this gadget goes past just eye candy – it is a smart piece of technology that records your reproductive cycle, sleep pattern and other lifestyle choices that you make on a daily basis. Visit the official Bellabeat Leaf pendant site. And oh yes, it retails for $119.99.

Mira Tracker

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Based on the feedback of some pretty kickass women, this gadget tracks your every move, nudging you to make better decisions with regard to your health on a daily basis. It looks like a stylish bracelet and can be worn with official and casual wear. It retails for $200. Visit the official Mira Tracker site.

June UV Ray Tracker

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For a gadget that does something so unique and useful for any woman, it is quite affordable. As the name suggests, this bracelet that comes in platinum, gold and gunmetal has the capacity to let you know exactly how harmful the sun’s rays are to your skin. Combine it with some fancy-schmancy sunblock, and you can present it as a gift to that girlfriend who likes to tan-off in St. Bart’s. Visit the June UV Ray Tracker site. It retails for $99.

Wearable Camera

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Why didn’t Apple think of this yet? This little gadget is so convenient, we’re sure even adventurous men will want a piece of it! It looks like a square pendant, but packs a punch with long battery life and up to 8GB memory. Visit the Narrative Wearable Camera site. It retails for $199.

Swarovski Misfit

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Who doesn’t love a little bling-bling? Combining a smart app with layers of bracelets, the latest in the Swarovski collection – the Misfit is another gadget that records all your daily activities to help improve your lifestyle. What makes it different from other such gadgets that are flooding the market? Oh yeah, it’s glamorous AF. Visit the Swarovski Misfit site. It retails for $199.

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