12 uses of coffee filters

    Photo source: en.wikipedia.org

    Coffee filter are being used for more than 100 years but did you know that these filters could used for multiple purposes other than filtering your coffee. Here’s a list of all that you can do with a coffee filter.

    1. As a camera filter – To soften the brightness of your camera flash, place a coffee filter in font of it for evened out lighting conditions.
    2. As a microwave lid – We often find hardened splattered food when we heat our food. To avoid that from happening just place a coffee filter over your food and you microwave will remain clean.
    3. For safe stacking – To avoid scratches on your fine china or nonstick pans, just place these coffee filter one above the other.
    4. For sparkling clean technology – Safely clean computer monitors, TV screens and cell phones without scratches or residue.
    5. As a pooper scooper – Line your toddler’s potty with a coffee filter so you can just lift out your child’s poop and deposit it in the toilet.
    6. As a sachet – Fill with baking soda to use as a deodorizer; especially great for smelly shoes or add fragrant flowers to a coffee filter and tie with a ribbon to create lovely drawer sachet.
    7. To hold Popsicle drips – To keep hands free of sticky drips insert the stick of your child’s frozen treat through a coffee filter.
    8. As a shoe shine applicator – Apply shoe polish to your best leather footwear using a coffee filter.
    9. For silk-free corn-on-the-cob – Dampen a coffee filter and wipe the silk off an ear of corn with one swipe.
    10. For a shine free complexion – Cut up coffee filters to store in your purse or cosmetic bag to use blotters for easy, inexpensive shine control.
    11. Instead of cotton balls – For those of you with a cotton ball phobia, there are handy coffee filters. You’ll be amazed by how well they remove fingernail polish.
    12. As a styptic pencil – Tear off a piece of a coffee filter and press to a small fresh cut or razor nick. The filter will stop the bleeding without the sting of a styptic pencil.

    Source: sheknowns.com